Did you ever stop to think why you're here?

Or that moment in your life that would eventually shape who you would become? A life is rarely defined by a single event but can definitely be set on course by one!

As far back as I can remember, regardless of my selfish pursuits, I've loved making people smile. My heart has always lead me, and now with a clearer mind, more so than ever! Clint Clymer and Friends is a culmination of caring, consideration and old fashioned,"When someone in our community needs help you grab a proverbial shovel and go to it".

I can't say enough about this years recipient's. Jerry and Eileen Shaffer are not only dear friends to many, but also considerable influences throughout Loveland and the surrounding area -not to mention the big impact Jerry has had on my personal life! Thanks for the diaper change buddy!

Our goal is to raise money and awareness of their daily struggles that you know are there but seldom hear about!

Now about Miss Annika Rounds. If you look past the 5 year struggle she's gone through, she's a normal, beautiful little girl dreaming about what little girl's do, Paw Patrol, the Incredible Hulk and being Chewbacca - not to mention kicking cancers ass! She's already been to Disneyland thanks to Al and Judy Herder, and we plan on helping her and her family make more memories with a portion of the proceeds.

I can't begin to thank everyone enough behind the scenes.

Stacey Clymer for standing beside this vision even when she's right and I don't listen! Love you babe!

John and Kim Banker for there love and support, as well as countless sponsors which without this would not happen!

Thank you all for being a part of this adventure!