Paul Richards

I would not be where I am today without the help of others. I have been blessed to have friends, like you, most of my life and believe it is what we pay forward that is a good indicator of what is to come.

Having 3 types of cancer at once is certainly a dilemma. To have them under control and to finally be healing is really therapeutic and uplifting. It is not without its caveats. One of the cancers is a stage 4 and fortunately treatment to date finds it to be an ongoing issue not an immediate crisis.

I was in a rather severe auto accident in 1999 and through the process of healing from that was introduced to CranioSacral Therapy, as a patient. After many intensive sessions, therapists suggested that I had a very good understanding of the process and that I should take the classes necessary to treat humans and animals. Specifically Horses and other small animals. It was to be the last of my "careers" and a great way to payback some of the fantastic experiences that I have had while healing. For 10 years I have treated Veterans, neighbors and animals part time where I was able to gift my  clients with  treatments.  I was just establishing a new practice in Michigan when life events intervened and I moved to Colorado to be near family.

Shortly thereafter I was diagnosed with 2 more cancers. This struck in a rather big and debilitating way with both surgery and chemo to combat them, virtually ending my ability to ride and slowing the possibility of providing CST. I still love to be around horses and I hope to be able to ride again in the near future. The year of covid and chemo virtually scrapped my plans for business as well as my ability to do so.

I have always been eager to help in the communities I live in. My multiple businesses have always been a part of paying it forward. Baking is a love of mine and my Bakery was able supply the local food pantry for several years and was used for several community fundraisers. I’ve also worked with local entities to find homes for difficult-to-house singles and families. I’m  very excited for the coming of spring and the hope of being in the field once again with the animals I find so dear and such a fantastic energy boost.

I want to thank you all, the community, for your BIG caring hearts , your soulful generosity and love …Above and beyond

Paul Richards